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Business aviation

Бизнес авиация

Today, saving time has become the major tendency in successful development of business. Lack of time leads to looking for the best way to save it. Giving up scheduled flights can be one of the optimum solutions.

With business aviation you can easily be at the right place at the right time. Within a short period of time you will be able to visit various cities, therefore conduct several transactions, sign contracts and attend all necessary events. In business aviation, it’s not only the plane and the crew that we offer – it’s a wide range of services aimed at high flight safety standards, comfort and prestige.

VIP charters have three major advantages:

  • Individual routing and flight schedule;
  • High level of services;
  • Privacy.

For exclusive flights over Russia and CIS, our airline offers you our own comfortable Yakovlev Yak-40 aircraft in VIP modification. At your service there are: VIP lounge at departure and arrival airports, departure from any Moscow airport at the time you choose, individual in-flight menu.

Never wait for the plane, let the plane wait for you.