Central office:

+7 (499) 141-52-04

Flight Enquiry:

Tel./fax: +7 (499) 149-06-37

Call (24 hours):

+7 (985) 233-86-76

+7 (916) 640-29-40


BARKOL Airline crew are highly qualified specialists, 90 per cent of them have the highest flying ratings.

Maintenance personnel are ready for any task both day and night, in fair and marginal weather.

Mil Mi-8 copter pilots have considerable records of flying in mountains at full range of heights (Myanmar, Afghanistan), in unfriendly environment (Antarctica), in extreme conditions of nuclear power stations inspections (Novo-Voronezh, Kursk, Volgodon, Balakovo power stations).

Chief pilots and inspectors are trained for lift-offs and landings at the minimum meteorological conditions; they are regularly trained for Instrument Flight Rules and landings using visibility imitator IV-1.

The aircrew regularly takes a refresher training course for international flight operations including language training for new ICAO language proficiency requirements.

BARKOL management pays special attention to training young pilots.